Urban Poetry 2

As promised in my feature yesterday, I will post another piece of Urban Poetry from Mssd Cnnctn.


“Should the world end tonight, I just want you to know” -Mssd Cnnctn

In my opinion, this is a statement to people saying if you paid more attention to what’s around you, you’d know more. As in, stop focusing on distractions like your phone and pay attention to what’s happening in your local community, furthermore, I think that the placement of the poetry is significant because it’s on a street sign. A street sign is only something you look at if you’re lost since maps are phone-friendly now. I think this piece of urban poetry is guidance for those who are lost in life. But that’s just my opinion, in fact if you’d like to contact the artist who creates and sticks these all around Birmingham, you can contact them through their instagram. (linked here) or their Flickr (linked here)


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Location of this Artwork

109 Digbeth



United Kingdom



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