Urban Poetry 3

I found another Mssd cnnctn piece while roaming the city today.



“To my red plumber friend, I hope you find your princess soon” -Mssd Cnnctn


My first thoughts are that Mssd Cnnctn is obviously referring to Super Mario and his quest to find the princess.

super mario

However, if you read between the surface, you might see something more through the eyes of the artist. What I think Mssd Cnnctn is saying in this Urban Poetry could be directed at the reader referring to us as a well known liked pop culture icon. He may not know the reader, but if they’ve taken the time to stop and read his poem, he wishes us well. You could look at the Princess as a metaphor for our goals in day to day life.

Either way, this is another amazing piece of Urban Poetry from the streets of Birmingham City Central.


If you can, stop by and check passing signs or lamps for more of Mssd Cnnctn’s Urban Poetry.

Or if you want to see more of Mssd Cnnctn’s artwork please visit his Instagram here or his Flickr here



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